ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book

Год: 2020
Издательство: Арбитражная Ассоциация
Количество страниц: 584
ISBN: 978-5-6045632-0-5

"Ah, how beautiful, sometimes, wrong things are!". These words belong to the Italian writer Gianni Rodari, the author of the famous and very popular “Cippolino” book. He meant, of course, not Cippolino, but the Pisa Tower.

But these words are equally applicable to the current situation with COVID 19. The pandemic, is, of course, a very bad thing. But if not for it and the almost global-wide lockdown, we would hardly have had an opportunity to catch the stars of international arbitration at their homes and to get their favorite recipes, thus, getting to know a little bit more about them not only as lawyers, but also as very bright and shining individuals.

I am pleased to present the first edition of the "ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book", which was prepared under the auspices of the Russian Arbitration Association. This is indeed a global kitchen book, as it would guide you how to cook dishes based on exquisite recipes from around the world - from Peru to Korea. This book will reveal not only cooking secrets, our guests would also share with you their secrets of the "arbitration kitchen", i.e. how they "cook" arbitration products.

I would like to thank my colleagues, Roman Zykov, Galina Zukova, Olena Perepelinskaya, Liliya Klochenko, Elina Mereminskaya, Alexandra Shmarko and Valeryia Silchanka, who contributed to this book by interviewing our colleagues from arbitral institutions.

A special thanks shall be given to Viktoria Kurashkina, RAA Marketing Director. Without her energy this project would have never been finalized within such a short time!

I have also to give my full appreciation to the work of Irina Varyushina, Baker McKenzie Professional Support Lawyer, who, being in the kitchen behind the scenes, pre-cooked a lot of graphical charts and other information about the countries and arbitral institutions, which were absolutely instrumental in preparing for the interviews.

But this is not all, the entire team includes also Oleg Studnitsky, Shirin Gurdova, Olga Sakharova,  Yulia Baknina, Elina Sagalova, Rafael Nugmanov, Anna Vasilieva, Dmitry Artyukhov, Valeria Teslina and others, who sacrificed their time to make this beautiful book happen.

We all hope that our work was not done in vain and you will find this "ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book" not only interesting from the professional point of view, but also useful for cooking something new.

Bon appetit!

Vladimir Khvalei
Russian Arbitration Association,
Chairman of the Board,
Baker McKenzie,

ArbitRAAtion Kitchen Book
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